Sunday, February 19, 2012

A return to the city of angels... in Second Life

Well, its been a while since any news has graced the sheets of the SC Advertiser, but that'll be changing soon.  In all actuality, a lot of changes are heading my way this year, including the winding down of a few blogs, and the return of a few others.  This is the one that's coming back.  Seraph City has had a long slumber, and its time to wake this broad up.  The Advertiser will be keeping abreast of goings on with the early-to-mid twentieth century in Second Life (call it "retro", "pulp", "golden era", or "dieselpunk"), and the soundtrack of the ear, classic Jazz (in Second Life).

Shot of the train in downtown SC

I'm still putting this puzzle of a paper back together, and it may take a while to get it "just right", but feel free to book mark this fish wrapper, or just pick up a copy in-world.  Until then...Abyssina!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

SC Business Listing Update...

I am currently working to consolidate the businesses and other endeavors on Searph City.  The current list is based on the SC Times listing, but I'll be modding it as necessary, to eventually get it updated and have the "newspaper" stands around SC, hopefully by next year!  The below is a work in progress (which will eventually include shop descriptions, business notes, and SLurls), so as always, I do appreciate your patience!

The Carrington 
     BlakOpal Designs
     The Curious Seamstress
     Skusting Dagger Studios
     Tres Beau
The Grim Brothers (in Seraph City)
Sonatta Morales Vintage Couture
Xcentricity + Gorgon Motors

The Blue Angel Cafe
The Carrington Lounge
The Crescent Theater
The Empire Jazz Club
The Java Jive
The New Champagne Rooms
The Seraph Club

Cenotaph Memorial Park
The Hawksmoor Residential Apartments
Seraph City Studios
Seraphim Tower City Hall

Monday, November 29, 2010

Seraph City on Designing Worlds

Searph City was featured on Designing Worlds recently, highlighting the unique aspects of SC.  Not sure if everyone had the chance to see it, so I figured I'd post it again, while I do a bit of behind the scenes work... please do enjoy!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The first entry of the Searph City Advertiser (or giving this endeavor one more try....)

Hello!  This is the first entry of the re-purposed Dieselpunk Herald, now the Seraph City Advertiser.  You might be thinking.. "What, another blog?"  Fair enough question, but there is a reason for this little corner.  With the growing popularity of Dieselpunk sims (e.g. 1920 Berlin, SL Chicago, and a small but growing number of small sims/clubs), I didn't want Seraph City to be overlooked in the larger picture.

Without going into *boring* philosopical discussions of SL economic models, I am under the belief that successful business leads to a successful sim (that, and a strong community - but that's another entry).  Though there are SL Deco and SC sites, getting the word out about events or new products is key to attracting business to a sim.  I'm hoping that this will be small piece of the puzzle for SC long term success.

What I angling towards?  One central place where SC merchants and entertainment venues can advertise events and products.  If a potential customer dosen't know about something s/he cannot indulge in it (e.g. events, new products, ect...).  I'm still working out the "nuts and bolts" of this "paper", but I hope to have this dedicated SC merchants blog open for business very soon (this week).  If you're interested in advertising here (yes, for free), reading the latest news concerning SC, and/or promoting what you've been sweating and toiling over, please drop me a line at  Thanks!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The New Champagne Room's Grand Opening in Searph City!

Seraph City Flag (well, modded a tad)

Today is the Grand Opening of the New Champagne Room in Seraph City, SL's first Dieselpunk sim!  Starting at 3pm SLT, and running to 5pm SLT, the Gala Grand Opening is the first "big event" in SC.  If you can, do try to attend!

The second reason for the post is to try to establish a transition from the SC Ning to a new location that is "off-SL".  Not everyone may know, but I started the New Babbage Ning *way* back when the old sim owner let the old New Babbage forums lapse.  Originally only planned as a temporary segue, it, imo, has been one of the driving forces behind New Babbage's success.  Having an off-SL location to meet is convenient, a quick way to get information across, and simply meet people who are new to the sim.

Mug shot of Gus "The Gent" Dayafter, by the SCPD (I assume)

I've been in contact with Pumpkin (et al) in trying to set up a location to take over for the SC Ning, as the Ning network announced that within 2 months it will go to a pay structure.  The ultimate location of the "SC Community" is still up in the air, so I'll put up a poll (as I'm wont to do) to get the tenor of the opinion of the residents (and visitors)!

I"m listing a few choices, such as:
a) Keep the blog - Just use the Dieselpunk Herald blog as a central meeting point, which though free, is more of a one-way formula for the community.
b) Use a Free Forums Board - nothing fancy, just a bare bones forums board.  There are plenty of free ones, and it may be a good temporary location until something else pops up.
c) Find another Free Social Community site - they are out there, but not as fancy as the Ning is.  Still, free is good, but you get what you pay for, so it may not be as nice as the Ning is.
d) Try a paid Social Network - another easy option, as many are trying to move into the Ning's vacuum, but they charge, although only a tad less (Premium Ning is about $25/mo, while other, lesser known free social networks are about $10/mo).  Not sure how this would work, but its an option.
e) Make a Seraph City webpage - Always an option, especially as the good folks at the Armada sim have done, but it will require design expertise and money to maintain it.
f) None of the above (aka, do nothing) - Always an option to let the Ning expire and not replace it, but personally, I think this route is a detriment to the growth of the community.
So, those are the options - please feel free to voice your choice!

Well, I hope to start to try to write a bit on the city with the next entry, and try to keep up the history of the sim.  Do take care, and see ya later!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A bit more information on SC's status, and the Flickr links...

"Seraph City Elevated Train", by Miss Tesla Tripsa

Seraph City is moving along smartly, with only a few parcels left, due to extenuating circumstances.  However, visual imagry is key, especially in SL, so I've gone ahead and established two Flickr sites that are ready for the adding!

First, the Seraph City, Dieselpunk Stronghold is a group dedicated to images related to Seraph City.  The only request is that the images be only of the city - but aside from that, please do add your photos!  Many photos from the old days of New Babbage are gone to the virtual vapors, so lets try to avoid that here!

Second, SL Art Deco is the "catch all" site for genre items in SL - Art Deco builds, clothing, or anything else one can think of and post!  If you see something in SL that looks great, and from the era, please do add it!

Finally, Ning has stated that the "free" version of itself will be gone in about two months.  I'm working with Pumpkin to address an alternate site, but it won't be up for the "Premier" upgrade, so make sure you have copies of any original photos or writings you have (or will) post on the Ning!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The introduction post...

Hello!  This is the first "official" post of the Dieselpunk Herald, a blog (paper) dedicated to Dieselpunk, Pulp, and 1920-30s sims on SL.  Still a lot of dust around, but it'll get squared away soon, and before you know it the New City will be up and running!  In the meantime, I'll be posting a few things here and there, along with some photoalbums of Art Deco/Streamline Moderne (the overall style of SC), for a bit of inspiration.

If anyone is interested in post here, please send an email to me at rafael_fabre@yahoo, or at the SC Ning - thanks!