Monday, November 29, 2010

Seraph City on Designing Worlds

Searph City was featured on Designing Worlds recently, highlighting the unique aspects of SC.  Not sure if everyone had the chance to see it, so I figured I'd post it again, while I do a bit of behind the scenes work... please do enjoy!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The first entry of the Searph City Advertiser (or giving this endeavor one more try....)

Hello!  This is the first entry of the re-purposed Dieselpunk Herald, now the Seraph City Advertiser.  You might be thinking.. "What, another blog?"  Fair enough question, but there is a reason for this little corner.  With the growing popularity of Dieselpunk sims (e.g. 1920 Berlin, SL Chicago, and a small but growing number of small sims/clubs), I didn't want Seraph City to be overlooked in the larger picture.

Without going into *boring* philosopical discussions of SL economic models, I am under the belief that successful business leads to a successful sim (that, and a strong community - but that's another entry).  Though there are SL Deco and SC sites, getting the word out about events or new products is key to attracting business to a sim.  I'm hoping that this will be small piece of the puzzle for SC long term success.

What I angling towards?  One central place where SC merchants and entertainment venues can advertise events and products.  If a potential customer dosen't know about something s/he cannot indulge in it (e.g. events, new products, ect...).  I'm still working out the "nuts and bolts" of this "paper", but I hope to have this dedicated SC merchants blog open for business very soon (this week).  If you're interested in advertising here (yes, for free), reading the latest news concerning SC, and/or promoting what you've been sweating and toiling over, please drop me a line at  Thanks!